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Getting Ready for Adoption

Zoe is getting ready for her little sister, or as she calls her, la hermanita. “Mommy,” she said as we walked towards the pool of our community, “we need to buy floaties for la hermanita because she doesn’t know how to … Continue reading

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Zoe and the Hermanita (Little Sister)

“Mommy,” Zoe said to me one day when we were grocery shopping, “Does the hermanita have teeth?” She looked at me with very serious eyes as I explained that indeed, she did. “Oh, OK,” she replied. A couple of weeks … Continue reading

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Zoe’s Pulmonary Emphysema

Lung complications are almost a given in preemies, because the lungs are the last organ to develop in the womb.  During their stay in the NICU, babies receive different kinds of support to breathe: the first step is typically the … Continue reading

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Expecting Twins

In 2007 we decided to try for a baby before looking into adoption. By November I was expecting and I was convinced that it was a boy. This time the pregnancy was complicated and after 6 weeks of bedrest I … Continue reading

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The First Step in Our Journey to Adoption

I clearly remember the moment when I knew I wanted to adopt a child. It was on Memorial Day of 2007. Jean-Marc, on the other hand, always wanted to adopt. The first time he mentioned it to me was in … Continue reading

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