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Dialogue with Zoe: About the Broken Curtain and the Hermanita

The curtain in Zoe’s room has been broken for a couple of days now. – Mommy, what happens if the hermanita breaks the curtain? – Well, we’ll call Gilbert and he’ll fix it. – But mommy, she can’t break the … Continue reading

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International Adoption: 7 Steps to Get Started

We’re in the process of waiting for a referral for our international adoption. Although there is plenty of information available on the web, it’s difficult to know where to get started. These are some things that we’ve learned over the … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Adoption

Zoe is getting ready for her little sister, or as she calls her, la hermanita. “Mommy,” she said as we walked towards the pool of our community, “we need to buy floaties for la hermanita because she doesn’t know how to … Continue reading

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Zoe and the Hermanita (Little Sister)

“Mommy,” Zoe said to me one day when we were grocery shopping, “Does the hermanita have teeth?” She looked at me with very serious eyes as I explained that indeed, she did. “Oh, OK,” she replied. A couple of weeks … Continue reading

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The Measure of Time

Time stretches and shrinks around the pivotal moments of our life. When Sophie was a baby, time was measured every three hours, which was how often she was fed.  After she died, time flowed unmeasured and lost its meaning. Later, … Continue reading

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The Approval Process for International Adoption

It is said that the longest journey starts with one step, and that is true. It’s also true that there are many other steps after that first one and that suddenly you look back and realize how time has flown … Continue reading

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Choosing an Adoption Agency

In November 2006 my dad turned 70.  Him and my mom, who live in Argentina, were coming to Miami to spend his birthday, Thanksgiving, and to be with us for the birth of my first daughter, Sophie, whom we expected … Continue reading

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The First Step in Our Journey to Adoption

I clearly remember the moment when I knew I wanted to adopt a child. It was on Memorial Day of 2007. Jean-Marc, on the other hand, always wanted to adopt. The first time he mentioned it to me was in … Continue reading

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