Adoption Timeline

May 2007
After losing our daughter Sophie to SIDS, we talk about adoption and we know in our hearts that one day we will adopt a child

December 2008
Our daughter Zoe is born prematurely and spends several months in the NICU, followed by years of developmental delays and therapies

December 2011
We meet with an agency specialized in domestic adoption of newborns and research infant adoption

February 2012
We attend a meeting of Families with Chinese Children and research international adoption from China. We decide we want an older child.

March 2012
We find out Chile has an international adoption program but there are no adoption agencies in the US so you must work directly with a lawyer. We decide to give it a try and start working on the home study.

April 2012
While searching for an agency for the home study, I randomly find out about the international adoption program from Ecuador and we decide to go for it!

May 2012
First meeting with our adoption agency for home study

July 2012
We have our fingerprints takes by the US State Department as part of the process for approval

September 2012
We receive a request for additional information and documentation from the US State Department.

October 2012
We submit additional information requested

October 2012
We’re approved by the US State Department to adopt a child from Ecuador!

February 2013
We’re requested to take the MPPI 2 assessment, a psychological standard evaluation that is currently mantadory for adoptions from Ecuador

March 2013
We’re approved by the Ecuadorian government to adopt a child from Ecuador!

April 2013 to Present
Waiting for a referral

4 Responses to Adoption Timeline

  1. Carla Lambertini says:

    Guadi- creo que esto le va a servir a mucha gente que caminara vuestro camino en el futuro. Que lindo! Se hace camino al andar… y al compartirlo en las redes sociales. Ja!

    • Guadalupe says:

      Gracias Carli! Espero que asi sea. Yo aprendi y estoy aprendiendo tanto de otros! Me acuerdo cuando estudiabamos La Aldea Global en la facu… y aca estamos en plena aldea!

  2. Terry Romero says:

    Your timeline shows the journey that is th process to become parents through adoption. And it is, for most or maybe all, a journey with layers frought with grieving over what I think of as layers of loss.
    Our agency (CHSFS) kept certain milestones on a timeline for us on their website. Such a joy each time we completed a step!

    • Guadalupe says:

      Agree Terry. It is long and challenging and requires plenty of patience. And there is loss and grief involved. So happy to have found others who’ve gone through it already!

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