Dialogue with Zoe: At the Circus


Zoe: Look at all those tigers…
Me: They’re so big and hear them roar.
Zoe: They have really big teeth. And there’s a lion, also.
Me: Yes, they can be very dangerous… can you hold my hand? I’m scared.
Zoe, holding my hand, in a condescending tone: Mommy, remember it’s only a show…

Side note: In case you’re concerned about the tiger’s rights to roam freely in their habitat as opposed to walk on two feet and pretend to try to bite a man holding a whip, the circus made it clear that they only work with tigers born in captivity and that these animals would not be able to adapt to the wild, and that they are humanely treated, respected, loved, and that a percentage of their revenue went towards institutions to help preserve the habitat of these animals and that basically by going to the circus you are saving a tiger…

About Guadalupe

Mom of a 24 week beautiful girl who is now 5 years old. Love spending time with the family, reading and writing. In a nutshell... "Above all things guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." Proverbs 4:23
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