Dialogue with Zoe: About the Broken Curtain and the Hermanita

The curtain in Zoe’s room has been broken for a couple of days now.

– Mommy, what happens if the hermanita breaks the curtain?

– Well, we’ll call Gilbert and he’ll fix it.

– But mommy, she can’t break the curtain two times!

– Zoe, but she never broke it…

– Mommy, it’s like this: first when she comes she’s going to break it and then she’s going to break again because she’s little and little girls and babies break things.

(Clearly the hermanita has to break the curtain more times than Zoe…)

About Guadalupe

Mom of a 24 week beautiful girl who is now 5 years old. Love spending time with the family, reading and writing. In a nutshell... "Above all things guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." Proverbs 4:23
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