Dialogue with Zoe: About Golf

– Mommy, today we played mini golf in summer camp.

– That’s great! Did you like it?

– Yes. And I won. Everybody else lost.

– Really? Are you sure?

– Yes, everybody put the ball in the holes. I kept the ball all the time!

– That’s great amor, but in golf you have to put the ball in the hole to win.

(Zoe thinks)

– Mommy, that’s silly. If you put the ball in the hole, you don’t have the ball to play anymore.

About Guadalupe

Mom of a 24 week beautiful girl who is now 5 years old. Love spending time with the family, reading and writing. In a nutshell... "Above all things guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." Proverbs 4:23
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8 Responses to Dialogue with Zoe: About Golf

  1. Georgina says:

    It is a great logic, I am with Zoe!

  2. margarita Gallo says:

    Cada comentario de Zoe es mejor que el anterior… ya soy adicta a ellos!!!

  3. Marcela says:

    Ja! A inventar nuevas reglas Zoe!!

  4. aubri says:

    I think Zoe’s way to play is more fun!

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