The Miracle of Life

“You have two beautiful babies,” Jean-Marc said when I woke up from the anestaesia.  I wanted to ask how they were doing, how big they were, if our little boy was all right, but my throat was so sore that I could not talk.  I asked for water, but I was told that I was not allowed to drink anything for five hours.

A woman in a green medical gown walked in the room. She had big brown eyes and a very calm demeanor.

“I’m doctor Gisela Diaz, neonatologist. Your daughter is doing well, better than expected,” she said.  She smiled a warm smile that lasted only seconds and she was very serious again.  “But your son is sick.  His lungs are not mature enough.  We put two chest tubes but it’s not working. There’s not much more we can do.  He might not make it.” She gave us a long look. “I’m very sorry.”

Jean-Marc Junior lived only hours. I wished I could have told my son that I loved him and that I had dreamed with him every day for the past 5 months.  I found comfort knowing that he would not suffer any longer, and that his father was holding his hand when he passed away.

Doctor del Boca stopped by our room later that day. He gave us a long, heartfelt hug.

“I have good news for Baby B,” he said with relief.  “The head ultrasound looks good.”

One of the many risks of premature births are brain bleeds.  The blood vessels inside the head are so thin that they burst easily, and brain bleeds can result in severe neurological damage.

Thank you God, thank you, I said to myself.

Over the past weeks, del Boca had visited me every single day and more than once my mom had told him that we were praying for our little boy to be born healthy, even if it took a miracle.

“I guess we didn’t get our miracle after all,” I said with a sad smile.

“Sometimes we pray for a miracle and we don’t recognize it when it’s here,” del Boca said. “Maybe this is your miracle.”  He squeezed my hand tightly before he left.

He was right.  Zoe was our miracle.

About Guadalupe

Mom of a 24 week beautiful girl who is now 5 years old. Love spending time with the family, reading and writing. In a nutshell... "Above all things guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." Proverbs 4:23
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11 Responses to The Miracle of Life

  1. carola says:

    Guadis, BIG HUG !!!

  2. Ceci Hugony says:

    No me acordaba de ese comentario de Adrian … cuando lo lei, me volvio todo a la cabeza … y me acuerdo cuando me llamaste para decirme que JM Junior estaba con Dios, yo estaba con Gisela tomando un cafe en el hospital ….

  3. Georgina says:

    Thanks for sharing! I am so thankful to meet you and call me your new friend, hopefully life life long lasted!

  4. Annie Machado says:

    Ay mi Guadi and Jean Marc, How vivid this all comes back……..God works in strange ways that we will never understand, we only have to accept. He is now an angel watching over his sister Zoe forever……..Maybe that was the miracle……….who knows. You now have a new miracle in your life coming soon. I know that Jean Marc junior will now watch over his two sisters always. Love you and miss you guys. Mil besitos……………

  5. Patricia says:

    Me acuerdo cuando Sergio me platico de ustedes en el hospital. Nos conocimos poco después, no sabia por todo lo que habían pasado. Un abrazo. Waiting for the next post.

  6. Patricia says:

    Guada, momentos cómo estos que nos compartes nos hacen pensar en lo vivido, en lo que tenemos y en lo que debemos agradecer. Un abrazo muy fuerte para esa bella familia.


  7. Mariana Gallo says:

    Guadi esto lo tiene que leer el mundo entero… Ya leí 3 veces cada post, son muy claros y descriptivos. Waiting for next post!! Beso, te veo el sábado

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